About Hairstyling Services

_D806111Lily specializes in hair styling from elegant updos, vintage looks, to braids and curls.  Her styles range from classic elegant, to loose chignions.  Her services are mobile, which means she comes to you!  She has a wide range of hair tools to suit the look you are going for on your wedding day.  The methods she employs to create the structure of your hair is made to endure your dancing!

Lily styles hair extensions.  She makes sure they are secure and makes your hairstyle fuller.

Lily also does blowouts for the girl who wants bouncy flowing hair.

Lily does hair sewing in which she uses thread and a blunt plastic needle to weave her hairstyles in order for it to hold its form.  She uses this instead of bobby pins which can be heavy at the end of the day.  Hair sewing is a very secure way to make sure your hairstyle holds its place.